Noel Cross stich

This is a project that I completed just in time for the Christmas season. I needed something to hang at my front and I wanted to use one of my cross stitch pieces.


This is a simple piece but I love the simplicity. I knew what I wanted the final product to look like and I couldn’t find a pattern that fit that vision. So I decided to print out some graph paper and create my own pattern. I was actually surprised how easy it was.


I used 14 count Aida cloth in the colour of oatmeal. I alternated the colours of the tree to make it stand out. I thought is would be more interesting than just having a green tree.  I picked the word NOEL for the top and added a quick border to frame everything. Final step was adding a red and green ribbon to the hoop to hang it.

Simple but beautiful. Now I am going to try and come up with my own cross stitch patterns more often.




Birthday Banner

November seems to be a month of birthdays for me. Lots of great people to celebrate. I always like to surprise someone with a special card or something sweet on their birthday. Last week I had a birthday to celebrate but I couldn’t find my birthday banner so I decided to create one myself instead of buying one. I think the result is pretty awesome.


I found some coloured paper and cut them into triangles to start. Then I used Elmer’s poster board letters and glued them on the triangles. The last step is to take some twine and string it through the triangles.


I think the final product is bright and cheerful. Perfect way to make someone smile on their birthday.

I’ve used the birthday banner theme before. I also really enjoy this card I made for a friend. A birthday banner on a much smaller scale but still just as cheerful.



Christmas Cards and Glitter tape

I have been making lots of Christmas cards this week. I was so lucky so receive a whole box of brand new stamps from someone who was not using them and wanted them to go to good use. They are definitely getting good use! I love how beautiful and simple the cards are turing out.

mouse card angel card

I also made a great discovery at my local dollarama: glitter tape! It adds a little something extra to the card. I love this stuff because it is larger size tape which can be cut into smaller strips if needed. It also is not super sticky so if you make a mistake you can reposition it without destroying your card.

snowman card

If you’d like to make your own cards you’ll need:

1. Green or red cards

2. Christmas themed card stock or paper

3. Glitter tape

5. Christmas stamp and ink


You start by cutting out a slightly smaller square of the christmas themed paper for the background. I measure and cut a template for the background first so that I can cut multiple backgrounds at once. Then I place the glitter tape on the card. The last step in stamping the image and placing it on the card. I like stamping on a light gold/silver piece of paper. The background of the card is so busy that using a light coloured piece of paper makes the stamp stand out.

snowman card

The final product is simple with a little bit of sparkle. These cards will definitely spread some holiday cheer.




I made these cute guys last year. I volunteer with an organization that works with children. We were having a special day that involved us needing a mascot. Our team colour is yellow and so therefore we needed a yellow mascot. The kids suggested minions! So I thought I would make us some big minion mascots.

I used a template from here 

The template was great because it showed me what pieces I needed to cut out. I had a very talented friend help me scale the pieces to the proper size. We used bright yellow bristol board and construction paper for the pieces. The hair is made of pipe cleaners. We did two types: the shorter minion and the bigger cyclops. Both use almost all of the same pieces. For the shorter minion I cut the template for the body in half and made two eyes.


The end result was a bunch of awesome minions. The kids loved them! I even printed a few minion templates from  to give to the kids to take home so they could make their own mini minions.

Recycled Gift Tags

I was trying to find an easy way to make gift tags for christmas this year. I had a stack of old christmas cards taking up space and thought what if I used them to make gift tags.


To make them I started with a gift tag template. You could use a tag from last year or create your own design.

Then I placed the template on my old cards and cut them out. The colourful designs are okay by themselves but to make them extra special I used glitter tape and some of my christmas stamps to add a little extra.

Last step is to punch the top and add a ribbon.


Now they are ready for a beautifully wrapped christmas present!




No Peeking Christmas Card



I’ve decided this year to make all of my christmas cards. It’s not always easy to come up with fun, original ideas. This one is a winner for me.

Here is what you need:

1. Blank card

2. Christmas stamp and ink pad

3. No Peeking gift tag. This is made using a gift tag and stamp. If you don’t have a stamp you could write it on the tag yourself.

4. Colourful washi tape


I started by using the christmas stamp to decorate the plain background of the card. I placed the stamp on a diagonal and covered the entire front of the card. This gives the illusion that it is wrapping paper, but you could also leave it as a plain background.

Then I placed the washi tape in a cross pattern on the front of the card. I didn’t measure the tape I placed it over the card and then trimmed it up afterwards.



The No Peeking gift tag gets glued on last. I punched the tag and added a red bow before placing it on the card. It gets glued on the centre of the washi tape cross.

Ice Cream Card

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!



I love this super cute and easy ice cream card! I like this card because it is so easy to make and can be used for multiple types of cards (birthday, thank you, get well).



Here’s what you need:

1. A blank card of any colour. I used a striped card. It’s important to pick a colour that does not clash with the colours of the ice cream scoops.

2. Three scoops of ice cream or however many you’d like for your cone. I used patterned paper in a shade of purple but you could use any colour combination.

3. A brown triangle for the cone. If you’d like a waffle cone you could make a grid pattern on the cone using a thin black marker.

4. A stamp and ink pad.


Then all you have to do is assemble. Easy! I stamped the “Enjoy today” on a separate piece of white paper and then cut it out. I think it makes the stamp stand out more. I started with the purple scoop of ice cream and it looked so good that I decided to stop there and make it a single scoop. In this case I felt like less is more.



Here is the finished product. I love that it is so customizable. Guaranteed to make whoever you give it to smile :)